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Redemption World Outreach Center

Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville SC contracted The WH Platts Company to convert their existing standard definition broadcast system to high definition.

The system required replacement of key pieces of equipment such as cameras, lenses, video switcher, recording, distribution and editing. The WH Platts Company accomplished these tasks using the latest in broadcast equipment and engineering.

For the camera systems we used a total of 7 of the Panasonic AG-HPX500 P2 HD cameras sending out signal in 720P HD via HD-SDI. Canon 17X HD lenses were used with rear lens control set ups on 4 static positions. Broadcast studio Vinten tripods are used at the fixed positions. The 17X lens were also used on the 3 hand held positions as well as 11X HD wide angle lenses for the jib positions. All cameras were fully CCU controlled via a shading position in master control. A Harris/Zandar multi-viewer combined all camera views onto a single HD plasma monitor for ease of use and accurate color matching.

The heart of master control is the Ross Synergy HD broadcast switcher featuring 16 HD inputs and outputs plus 3 keyers. All camera and external video sources are switched here. An Ensemble Designs video processing rack was installed to handle house sync, up and down conversion and compatibility with the existing standard definition IMAG system that is to be upgraded at a later date. A Sigma 16 X 8 HD/SDI router to route all HD signals to and from equipment. Leader HD test equipment ensures quality of all images produced. An Omneon 5TB broadcast server is in place to record the broadcast in uncompressed HD quality. A Panasonic AJ-HD1400 VTR is used for back-up recording and distribution in HD. Apple Final Cut Pro NLE system is in place with 3 TB of capacity for uncompressed editing and redistribution of church broadcasts.

The quality of the HD signal is maintained throughout the recording side of master control from capture to final product. A down converted signal is provided for the IMAG portion of master control for in-house video.

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