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At The WH Platts Company, support begins at the point of sale and continues all the way through until your project is complete.

Our sales consultants are industry veterans that have been in your shoes. We first strive to understand where you are and where you want to go, then we set out to help you get where you are going.

The people behind our sales consultants are a team, a team of individuals that take their part in your success seriously, from our purchasing managers to our installation coordinator, they make sure product and people arrive in tandem and on time to properly complete your project. Our engineering and technical staff are fully trained, certified and dedicated to their craft. We take pride in completing a “WH Platts” job in the “WH Platts way” and make sure it is up to the “WH Platts standards.”

Support however does not end there; in fact this is where it just begins. We stand behind our work and take pride in what we accomplish and even more pride in the quality of people and companies for which we work. Our business has grown not by advertising but by word of mouth. We believe that what others say about you speaks loudest, so feel free to call our customers, we will be happy to give you a list!