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News Releases

An Authorized Dealer for The New Canon Cinema EOS

Canon Cinema EOS New Product Release 

Practicality. Compatibility. Simplicity. And excellence in HD imagery.  

With the Cinema EOS system, Canon helps working professionals make HD the superb creative medium of the present. Make it new. Give it impact. And make it work within your budget. No matter what you’re shooting Hollywood movies, indie documentaries, episodic TV series, commercials, music videos the Cinema EOS system will raise your game without compromising your productivity.                


Emergency Management and Training Facility

Charleston, SC September 1, 2011


WH Platts designed and installed an E.O.C. command center video system for the City of North Charleston, South Carolina. The city wanted a system that was easy to use, could display cable TV and computer graphics at the same time on multiple displays and could also be used for training and presentation use when needed.  

A collaboration tool, not just for school

Charleston, SC February 8, 2011

SMART Boards are in every Lowcountry classroom. But a new trend is happening in the business community. Several large, local businesses are investing in SMART Board Technology for their meeting, training and boardrooms. 

W.H. Platts Company and CCSD begins next phase with Education Technology

Charleston, SC March 4, 2011

The WH Platts Company is starting the second phase of classroom technology for Charleston County School District by installing over 3000 SMART technologies document cameras. A document camera enables teachers to engage students by displaying real time 3D objects onto an existing SMART Board. Students can now view objects on their SMART Board in real time creating a great teaching tool. The WH Platts Company and Charleston County School District’s five year technology upgrade program is an overall education technology improvement program. It includes SMART Boards, computers, document cameras, software and maintenance service.