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Georgia College TV goes HD

Lights. Camera. Action.

Georgia College TV has gone high definition.

“Our television station now is as state of the art as any facility in Middle Georgia,” said Bill Wendt, manager of television services. “The station features a low maintenance, fast digital network that broadcasts clean, crisp images and allows us to send video files from editing straight to the studio.”

Engineers spent the summer updating UTV with the latest audio and video equipment. The TV station located in Atkinson Hall now has two new sets equipped with three high-definition cameras. Teleprompters coach the anchors and guests on the sets.

The control room looks like a space shuttle dashboard with its high-definition, flat-screen monitors and its Apple-based system, ready for video editing. And the station now has the capacity to archive the important videos digitally as a working history of Georgia College.

“It’s now all digital rather than tape,” said Wendt who earned a business degree at Georgia College. “It’s neat, compact and efficient.”

Wendt and video support specialists Stacey Lumley and Chris Brown produce videos for the university’s website, gcsu.edu, and YouTube site, record and broadcast public television programs on MBC-4 and feed the cable channels across the campus.

“The station operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Wendt said.

UTV studio also serves as a laboratory and training ground for future business leaders, broadcast journalists, videographers and news producers.

Mass communications students produce GCTV News weekly in the studio with practicum students learning camera and audio skills.

“The experience the students get in the UTV studio mimics these stations exactly, making our students competitively qualified for these starting jobs in the industry,” said Stephen Price, assistant professor of mass communication.

Broadcast production students get a taste of real-time action as they produce live 30-minute; TV-based projects each semester in the studio.

“UTV studio allows students to understand how a live television show is put together,” Price said. “They learn how to script and prepare the show, and then they learn how to operate the equipment and work as a production team to put the show together. Without the studio, my students would not be able to get this experience.”

The recent HD upgrades also benefits journalism students.

“The possibilities are endless for what the upgrades will do for the quality of GCTV News and programming for MBC-4 and for the quality of education we are able to offer our students,” Price said. “But they also speak very well of the commitment of Georgia College to its students and the learning experience.”

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