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Business & Education

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Business & Education

Trident Technical College

Cullinary Arts Studio Amphitheater and High Definition Video  Production System

Trident Technical College asked The WH Platts Company to design, procure and install a High definition production studio, High Definition Camera system, High Definition  Projection system, multiple High Definition monitors, audio systems  and a digital A/V recording system for their new Culinary Arts Institute in Downtown Charleston, SC.

Charleston County School District

Charleston County School District needed to implement a district wide technology modernization plan. The plan involved adding interactive whiteboards and document cameras for each classroom and on a tight schedule.
Service was also very important to the district, as the new technology must work each day because teachers depend on the technology for providing student lessons.

Charleston Air Force Base

Charleston Air Force Base is home to a number C-17 cargo planes that are used extensively for our current conflicts. The system to coordinate the scheduling of flights and flight data is a priority for the staff. The Air Force was looking for a way to be able to change computer driven data at the touch of a finger instead of using a white board, erasing and re-writing data every time a change had to be made. They also had a need for displaying data and writing on top of the data with digital ink with the ability to save the writing so it could be emailed or printed.


BenefitFocus is the number one healthcare benefits software provider in the world. They were looking for a way to hold more efficient and collaborative meetings using the latest technology. They wanted a solution that would enable them to write and save meeting notes and share this information easily with anyone, anywhere. They also wanted to hold cost effective data conferences in which many different off-site participants could collaborate as if they were all in one meeting room. They needed training and great support for these systems.